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Test what you have learned about the past
through a Multiple Choice Quiz!

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1. When did Glasnevin Cemetery open?

2. How large was the cemetery when it first opened?

3. True or False? Because of religious restrictions known as the Penal Laws, Daniel O’Connell established a cemetery for all religions and none.

4. Select the correct words. Daniel O’Connell was born in _____________ and worked as a ________________.

5. How tall is the O’Connell Round Tower?

6. The chapel in Glasnevin Cemetery was inspired by Cormac’s Chapel. In what county would you find Cormac’s Chapel?

7. Who carved the stone faces that sit on the walls of the cemetery chapel?

8. William Pearse carved many Celtic Crosses. One of his Celtic Crosses was used as inspiration for the headstone of an Irish President. But do you know which President?

9. True or False? Tall watchtowers were built around the cemetery to provide light for visitors.

10. What tree is very common in burial grounds and in the past was planted by Druids in sacred spaces?

1. Which of the sources below could be used as a primary source by a historian?

2. Approximately how many workers were locked out of work during the 1913 Lockout?

3. What organisation was set up by women ‘to advance the cause of Irish liberty’?

4. After the evacuation of the G.P.O., where was the headquarters of the Easter Rising relocated to?

5. In what year did the Battle of the Somme begin?

6. During the First World War, what was produced by munitions workers?

7. Which of the following countries was neutral in the First World War and so could freely report on the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919?

8. In the 1918 General Election, what group of people were allowed to vote for the first time?

9. Who was the first woman elected to the British Parliament?

10. The Battle of Dublin took place during: